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RELEASE: Big Pharma Shadow Lobbyist Matt Mowers Launches Another Failing Campaign

Big Pharma Shadow Lobbyist Matt Mowers Launches Another Failing Campaign

Today, Matt Mowers is kicking off his second run for Congress in the First Congressional District Primary. Mowers lost to Congressman Chris Pappas in 2020. Mowers is joined in the competitive NH GOP primary by Karoline Leavitt -- a fellow Trump staffer who has been endorsed by extreme right wing Republicans like Representative Al Baldasaro of Londonderry.

While Mowers was kicking off his campaign with a platform that prioritizes special interests over Granite Staters, Congressman Chris Pappas is at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard to help break ground on $1.7 billion in construction and upgrades that he pushed the Biden administration to prioritize. Granite Staters remember that last year, Mowers supported taking funding from the shipyard to pay for Trump’s proposed wall on the southern border. In response, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley has released the following statement:

“Matt Mowers is a craven political opportunist who has already tried and failed to buy a seat in Congress. Now he’s attempting to do it again using the exact same playbook. While Matt Mowers is launching what is sure to be another failed campaign, Congressman Chris Pappas is breaking ground at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. Thanks to Congressman Pappas, the Shipyard is getting investments in upgrades it needs and because of his hard work jobs are being created here in the Granite State. Naturally, Mowers has opposed upgrades to the shipyard and the jobs they will create.

“This is an important reminder that while Congressman Pappas has been working hard delivering for Granite Staters, Matt Mowers has been "working for clients he won't disclose and attempting to curry favor with corrupt politicians like Donald Trump. It’s clear to all Granite Staters that Matt Mowers’ loyalties lie with the far right and big corporate interests -- not New Hampshire.”


CONCORD MONITOR: The Trump Administration Proposed Cutting $200 Million Of Projects From The Portsmouth Naval Shipyard To Fund The Wall

“The Defense Department’s list of projects that could be cut to fund President Donald Trump’s wall at the southern border includes more than $200 million of projects that are aimed at making Portsmouth Naval Shipyard more efficient in refueling and overhauling nuclear-powered submarines. Projects that could be slashed include $110 million for dry dock improvements; $62 million for a paint, blast and rubber facility; and $40 million for an extended crane rail.” [Concord Monitor, 3/19/19]

Mowers Pledged To Work With President Donald Trump To Build The Wall. “It’s time for a new generation of conservative leadership that puts New Hampshire first. When Matt goes to Washington, instead of focusing on partisan distractions, he will deliver meaningful results for Granite Staters. He’ll work with President Trump to bring our economy back, lower prescription drug prices, stop the influx of illegal drugs by building the wall, support our veterans, and fight for New Hampshire families and small businesses.” [Mowers for Congress, accessed 9/10/20]


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