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Questions For National Press to Ask Chris Sununu

CONCORD, NH — As New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu darts from one major media puff piece to another bolstering his national profile ahead of a likely presidential run, we have assembled a list of questions for national reporters unfamiliar with his record. We hope these questions can be helpful in revealing his true record of success in New Hampshire, or lack thereof.

  1. On a major national podcast you bragged that you “signed an abortion ban” and “have done more on the pro-life issue than anyone.” How can you call yourself pro-choice after signing New Hampshire’s first modern abortion ban?

  2. You claim to be a pro-choice governor, but you have voted to defund Planned Parenthood and supported countless far-right Republican candidates seeking total abortion bans at the state and federal level. How do you reconcile those positions?

  3. You said in a recent interview “I’m a Sununu, I thought I was the center of the political universe.” Do you consider yourself having benefited from nepotism?

  4. How much money does your family’s gold mine in Azerbaijan pay you annually?

  5. Why does the NH GOP – the state which party you lead – explicitly reject gay marriage in it’s currently established party platform? Why have you made no effort to change that?

  6. Why, this year, did you campaign for candidates who said they believed Donald Trump won the 2020 election?

  7. Why do you think that every Republican running for federal office in New Hampshire that you endorsed lost in this year’s midterms?

  8. Why have you previously said that you are “a Trump guy through and through.”?

  9. Why did you support legislation that makes discussions of race in New Hampshire classrooms a punishable offense for Granite State teachers?

  10. Why, in the midst of the worst gun violence epidemic in a generation, did you sign legislation repealing the license requirement for concealed carrying firearms in New Hampshire.

  11. New Hampshire energy suppliers have set national records for rate increases this year, badly hurting New Hampshire residents. At the same time you have continued to take major donations from those same suppliers while failing to make commitments to diversify New Hampshire’s energy economy, which is among the most dependent on fossil fuels in the nation. Why?


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