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Opposition to Marriage Equality is Key Element in NH GOP Platform

CONCORD, NH — This week, with the support of Congresswoman Annie Kuster and Congressman Chris Pappas, the US House passed the Respect for Marriage Act to enshrine marriage equality into federal law.

Meanwhile, the official platform of the NH GOP, the party that Governor Chris Sununu leads, has opposition to marriage equality as a core tenant, stating they: “Recognize marriage as the legal and sacred union between one man and one woman as ordained by God, encouraged by the State, and traditional to humankind, and the core of the Family.”

In response, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley has released the following statement:

“The fact that this homophobic rhetoric is still apart of the NH GOP’s official platform is reprehensible, but not at all surprising. The NH GOP used the entirety of this year’s legislative session to attack the rights of the LGBTQ+ Granite Staters.

This is Governor Sununu’s party. He is their leader, and he owns this absolutely vile platform of theirs. New Hampshire has long been ahead of the curve in making strides for LGBTQ+ equality, but Sununu and his party have made it their mission to undermine all that progress.”


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