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Nikki Haley Can’t Run From Her MAGA Agenda in New Hampshire

CONCORD, NH — No matter what Nikki Haley says in New Hampshire, she can’t run from her extreme MAGA record. Ahead of her town halls in the state today, NHDP spokesperson Aida Ross released the following statement:

“Every time Nikki Haley visits New Hampshire, she reminds Granite Staters just how eager she is to push the MAGA agenda if elected: tax handouts for the ultra-rich, a nationwide abortion ban, and a continuation of the disastrous Trump administration foreign policy agenda that she championed as UN ambassador. If Haley thinks Granite Staters will vote for her extremism in 2024, she’s sorely mistaken.”

Here’s the rundown on Nikki Haley’s MAGA record:

  • Haley has long embraced the most extreme elements of the MAGA agenda, serving as Donald Trump’s wingwoman for years.

  • As South Carolina governor, Haley regularly sided with corporations’ bottom lines over working families and labor — and then cashed out on the business ties she fostered.

  • The last time she was in NH, Haley doubled down on her support for a national abortion ban, which would take away reproductive freedoms from thousands of Granite State women.

  • Echoing Donald Trump, she’s tripled down on calls to cut Social Security and Medicare on the campaign trail. Her stance is no surprise, since she has a history of pushing to put these crucial programs on the chopping block.

  • As ambassador to the United Nations, Haley described China as a “great friend,” said it would be “fine” for them to be “everywhere in the world,” and insulted our service members by claiming China’s military was stronger than ours.

  • Haley gladly welcomed and incentivized Chinese businesses in South Carolina as governor, despite calling China a threat to American businesses on the campaign trail.


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