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NHDP Statement on Sununu’s Out-of-State Ad Buys

CONCORD, NH — Chris Sununu’s campaign committee, Friends of Chris Sununu, has purchased digital ads in Iowa and South Carolina — the first two states to vote in the 2024 Republican presidential primary other than New Hampshire.

Just days prior to this ad buy, CNN aired “Being... Chris Sununu,” where Sununu told CNN’s Dana Bash that he isn’t pursuing a run for any other office, stating, “My focus right now is New Hampshire. It really is.

In response, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement:

“Chris Sununu’s focus has never been New Hampshire. He has spent his entire career attempting to bolster his national profile, and he’s never had qualms about leaving Granite Staters in the dust to do it.

After a disastrous election night for New Hampshire Republicans, which shows Sununu’s closing margins and inability to lead his party to victory, it’s clear that the only thing driving him towards a 2024 run is his ego. He’s failing here at home, and he’ll fail on the national stage just as quickly.”


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