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NHDP Statement on House Rules Committee’s Embrace of Voter Fraud

CONCORD, NH — Today, the Republican majority on the State House rules committee denied a request for the re-introduction of HB 626, the sole bill blocked by the illegal vote of disgraced former State Representative Troy Merner.

House Rules allow late introduction of legislation “based on urgent or compelling need or events unforeseen prior to the filing deadline,” if approved by a majority of the Rules Committee.

HB 626 brings the Republican voucher scheme under administration of the NH Department of Education. Currently, the state sends millions of dollars a year — 10% of all EFA funds — to a private company to administer the program.

In response, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement:

“Let me be absolutely clear: today’s move by Republican members of the House rules committee is a middle finger to every single voter in the state of New Hampshire.

“A Republican state Representative lied about living in his district and then voted illegally hundreds of times. House Democrats asked to revisit one single bill that his illegal vote was responsible for directly blocking. Their response? Uphold the result of his illegal vote. New Hampshire Republicans have shown nothing but complete and utter contempt for the voters of New Hampshire with this move today.”


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