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NHDP Launches New Digital Ad Campaign Ahead Of NH01 Debate Exposing Matt Mowers’s Ties to Big Pharma

Concord, N.H. – Today, the New Hampshire Democratic Party launched a new digital ad ahead of the First District debate between Congressman Chris Pappas and New Jersey’s Matt Mowers. The ad exposes Mowers for his ties to big pharma corporations that are making health care more expensive for Granite Staters. The ad shares the story of Bev Ketel of Madbury, New Hampshire whose son John has type 1 diabetes which is considered a pre-existing condition. Without the Affordable Care Act, John would have been denied health care coverage and even under the ACA, price gouging by pharmaceutical companies that Mowers represented has raised the price of insulin exorbitantly. “Tonight’s debate will make clear the difference between our Congressman Chris Pappas who is fighting to make health care more accessible and affordable for Granite Staters, and Big Pharma consultant Matt Mowers' dangerous agenda to repeal the Affordable Care Act,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley. “Big Pharma consultant Matt Mowers’ dangerous agenda to repeal the ACA would put John’s health care at risk, and his work for companies like Mylan that are infamous for price gouging shows his total disregard for the needs of Granite Staters like Bev and John who rely upon affordable care to make ends meet while still addressing all their health care needs." Background: Matt Mowers Consulted for Two Big Pharma Companies. Mowers disclosed a consulting payment of at least $5,000 from “Mylan” in “Canonsburg, PA” and that he consulted for “Tonix Pharma” in “New York, NY.”

  • Mylan Famously Raised The Price Of EpiPens, A Life-Saving Device Used To Treat Severe Allergic Reactions. It was reported that Mylan raised the price of EpiPens from $50 to $600, even though they only cost manufacturer a few dollars to make. [Arstechnica, 08/17/18], [CNBC, 08/25/16]

    • Health experts warned that Mylan’s price gouging could lead to the deaths of children whose parents had to delay purchasing EpiPens due to their high cost. [Forbes, 09/01/16]

    • Mylan was also found to have abused the regulatory system to keep EpiPen prices high by blocking other companies from producing them. [Stat, 08/31/16]

  • The Department Of Justice Subpoenaed Mylan In An Investigation Of Its Role In The Opioid Crisis. [Fierce Pharma, 08/10/17]

Mowers Supported Repealing The Affordable Care Act And Backed The Trump Tax Scam. Mowers supports repealing the Affordable Care Act with no plan to replace it which would give Big Pharma a $180 payout by reversing the taxes that fund the ACA. [Center of Budget and Policy Priorities, 01/12/17] Trump’s Tax Scam Would Help Big Pharma While Raising Taxes For Middle Class Families. Trump’s tax scam was estimated to save the top five Big Pharma companies $42.7 billion while raising taxes on the middle class. [Tax Policy Center, 12/18/17] Now, Big Pharma Executives And Their Friends Are Funding Matt Mowers’s Campaign. [FEC, 2020]

  • Former Congressman Tom MacArthur, who wrote the amendment to the AHCA that gutted protections for pre-existing conditions.

  • Bob Hugin, the former CEO of Celgene, Biohaven Pharmaceutical board member, and Allergan board member.

  • Seth Lederman, CEO of Tonix Pharmaceuticals.

  • Michael Duhaime, a Partner at lobbying firm Mercury LLC, where Mowers was formerly a VP. Mercury is registered to lobby for AmerisourceBergen, one of several drug distribution “giants at the heart of the opioid crisis.

  • John Spinello, a New Jersey state lobbyist who is Senior Director of State Government Affairs for Astellas Pharmaceuticals, which paid $100 million last year to resolve DOJ claims it defrauded Medicare.

  • Joseph Grogan, a former Trump administration official and pharmaceutical lobbyist who blocked efforts to lower pharmaceutical prices.

Mowers Has Refused To Disclose His Past Clients. Despite bipartisan calls and being given multiple opportunities to come clean to the voters of New Hampshire, on WMUR CloseUp, Mowers repeatedly refused to disclose his clients. [WMUR, 10/11/20]



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