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NHDP Eleanor Roosevelt Dinner with Pete Buttigieg Is Massive Success

MANCHESTER, NH — On Saturday night, Democrats from the North Country to the Seacoast gathered for the NHDP’s annual Eleanor Roosevelt Dinner, headlined by Pete Buttigieg. With over 750 attendees, the event was completely sold out.

Granite State Democrats were joined by Senator Jeanne Shaheen, Senator Maggie Hassan, Congresswoman Annie Kuster, Congressman Chris Pappas, Dr. Tom Sherman, Councilor Cinde Warmington, Senate Democratic Leader Donna Soucy, and Democratic Victory Campaign Committee Chair Representative Matt Wilhelm.

“Tonight, you’re going to hear from our leaders why they should win. I’m here to tell you they can win! It's all about getting out the vote folks!” said NHDP Chair Ray Buckley.

“What makes America great is our never ending journey to become greater and our refusal to settle for things as they are, to let this country sit where it has been as if it could go no further, but rather to demand they we continue the constant betterment and growth that is written into the very structure of our Constitution,” said Pete Buttigieg. “That’s why I’m prouder than ever to be at your side — a Democrat — in every possible sense of the term. So let’s get after it and work these next 45 days like we never have before!”

“This year, the Republican party stands for the rights of freedom of everyone — unless you’re a voter, a union worker, an immigrant, a senior, you’re LGBTQ, or a woman. Now whether it’s Concord or Washington, Republicans are committed to one thing: squeezing their way where they don’t belong— into doctor’s offices. They imposed a restrictive abortion ban in Concord that threatens doctors with prison sentences, and now that the election is looming, they want us to ‘get over it.’ Well I have some news from Chris Sununu, for Don Bolduc, and for the rest of their pals. We’re not getting over it, we’re getting after it,” said Senator Jeanne Shaheen.

“ As you have heard tonight, Don Bolduc told women who are alarmed by the Supreme Court’s decision, and Republicans’ attempts to ban abortion to ‘get over it.’ I have a message for Don Bolduc. I am not getting over it. The women of New Hampshire are not getting over it! The women of America are not getting over it! We are going to stand up for our reproductive freedom, and we are going to defeat Don Bolduc,“ said Senator Maggie Hassan.

“Make no mistake: freedom is on the ballot on November 8th,” said Congresswoman Annie Kuster. “The freedom to send our kids to school knowing they will come home safe. The freedom of lower costs, clean energy, and a brighter future for our planet. The freedom to live in safe, affordable housing. The freedom to live in a democracy with fair, transparent elections. The freedom to be who you are, to marry who you love, and to love how you live. And, of course, the freedom to make your own, personal, private medical decisions and control your own destiny.”

“There are powerful, deeply entrenched special interests in Washington. But what we’ve proven the last few years is we can take them on, win, and make a difference for people. We’ve got more work to do. And the difference between winning and losing an election has never been more stark for the future of our state, our country, and our democracy,“ said Congressman Chris Pappas.

“DC Republicans are pushing for a national abortion ban, and we’ve seen Chris Sununu repeatedly cave to these extremists,” said Dr. Tom Sherman. “He signed New Hampshire’s first modern abortion ban, with no exceptions for rape, incest, or fatal fetal anomaly. We can’t trust Chris Sununu to stand up for these freedoms, because he refuses to admit they’re in jeopardy.”


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