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NHDP Chair Slams Trump And Haley’s Anti-Choice Agenda

CONCORD, NH — Ahead of Donald Trump and Nikki Haley’s visits to New Hampshire this week, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley slammed the GOP hopefuls for pushing an extreme MAGA agenda that would ban abortion nationwide.

Read highlights of Chair Buckley’s remarks:

  • “Trump promised he would sign a national abortion ban when Republicans leaders in congress tried to send one to his desk when he was in office. Now, Trump needs to answer a simple question: Would he sign the national ban introduced last September by his top endorser, Lindsey Graham, if it came to his desk?”

  • “As governor of South Carolina, Haley proudly signed an extreme abortion ban into law, which had no exceptions for rape or incest. And just yesterday, she stood next to fellow anti-abortion extremists and expressed her support for a national abortion ban.”

  • “Granite Staters not only deserve better — we deserve answers. Every 2024 Republican who parachutes into our state needs to tell Granite Staters exactly how extreme they’re willing to go in banning abortion nationwide.”

Watch Chair Buckley’s full remarks here.


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