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Leavitt Comes Out Against Popular, Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill

In a bizarre Twitter video, ex-Trump staffer and struggling GOP candidate Karoline Leavitt came out against the popular bipartisan infrastructure bill.

How popular is the bill she opposes?

Yesterday morning, WMUR reported on a poll showing 71% of voters in NH-01 support the bipartisan infrastructure bill passed in the Senate. Nationally, a new Fox News poll found 62% of voters support the bipartisan package.

  • $110 Billion to Repair Roads, Bridges and Other Major Projects

  • $65 Billion to Bolster Broadband in New Hampshire and Across the Nation

  • $55 Billion to Upgrade Water Infrastructure

  • $65 Billion to Invest in U.S. Power and Grid

“Karoline Leavitt’s opposition to this popular bipartisan bill shows she’s more interested in playing DC politics than delivering for New Hampshire,” said NHDP Chair Ray Buckley. “The NH GOP primary continues to be a contest of which Trump wannabe can appeal to the furthest right-wing of the Republican Party.”



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