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Kevin Smith Joins Don Bolduc in Opposing Bipartisan China Competition Bill, Chuck Morse Refuses to

Chuck Morse Silent on How He Would Vote for the Bipartisan China Competition Bill:

Kevin Smith this morning announced that, like Don Bolduc, he would have voted against the bipartisan China Competition bill if he was in the US Senate. On WFEA's Morning Update with Drew Cline today Smith said, "I could not have supported this” and called the bill “a terrible idea.” Earlier this week, Bolduc said he would be a “hell no” on the legislation. While Smith and Bolduc have made it clear they would have opposed the bipartisan bill, Republican Congressman Michael McCaul accused Republicans who opposed the bill of siding with the Chinese Communist Party. And former Sununu Administration official Matthew Mailloux accused Bolduc of siding with Bernie Sanders and the CCP by opposing the legislation. Now that two of the “frontrunners” in the NH GOP Senate primary have come out in opposition to the China Competition bill, Chuck Morse must say how he would vote on this critically important legislation that will protect our national security, lower costs, and help our country outcompete China and the world.


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