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ICYMI: Republicans Absent as Democrats Stand with Workers On Strike

In case you missed it, InDepthNH published a story on Monday detailing a strike by members of the Teamsters Local 653 and the Democratic leaders supporting their fight for better wages, working conditions, and benefits. The workers — drivers for food distributor Sysco — walked off the job at the beginning of October after negotiations with the employer broke down. Union members were joined by Democrats, including Senator Maggie Hassan, Executive Councilor Cinde Warmington, candidates for Executive Council Shoshanna Kelly and Kevin Cavanaugh, House Democratic Victory Campaign Committee Chair Rep. Matt Wilhelm and Deputy Chair Rep. Alexis Simpson to show support for the workers. Read the full story here. Key Excerpts:

  • U.S. Sen. Maggie Hassan, D-NH, in the thick of a re-election campaign, stopped by and gave a short speech to show support for the drivers. “I am so grateful to stand with you, and to stand for the right to organize, to stand for the right to collectively bargain so that our country, our people, our businesses, our families, all move forward,” Hassan said.t

  • Karen Calabro of Hollis said she knew the Sysco drivers from her time as a chef in a hotel kitchen. “These people were the face of Sysco for me, and they were the ones that helped me be the best I could be. I help them in return.”

  • Calabro is now running for a state Representative seat in Hillsborough County, but said, “I’m not here as a candidate. I’m here as somebody who supports the people. I believe in the unions as being the best answer to solve the problems for the working people and keeping government out of those entities. So, I’m here to support the Teamsters today.” She was far from the only candidate in the crowd, which numbered around 75.

  • At press time, spokespeople for Gov. Chris Sununu had not responded to requests for comment.


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