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ICMYI: The NH GOP Pushes Backwards Policies at Every Level Hurting Women & Health Care Access

ICMYI: The NH GOP Pushes Backwards Policies at Every Level Hurting Women & Health Care Access

Sen. Whitley, Rep. Rogers, Rep. Mullen, Dr. Young, & Ashley Marcoux, President of New Hampshire Young Democrats convened to talk about NHGOP Attacks on Reproductive Health Care

In Case You Missed It New Hampshire lawmakers, activists, and health care providers discussed how NH GOP efforts to restrict reproductive health care have recently intensified with moves that would defund Planned Parenthood, restrict abortion access, and remove menstrual products from schools.

To view the press conference, click here.

Read remarks from the press conference here:

Senator Rebecca Whitley of the Senate Judiciary Committee on anti-abortion bill HB625: “Another bill that passed the house and has now been referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee is HB625, a ban on abortions at or after 24 with narrow exceptions, including none for the health of the fetus and no exceptions for rape or incest. Instead of acknowledging the complexities of medical decisions and respecting women’s and families’ decisions, this bill belittles the realities that these families face. This bill has nothing to do with public health, it is the work of state legislators who are trying to take away Granite Staters’ freedom to consult with their doctor about their own health care decisions.”

Dr. Oge Young, OBGYN on anti-abortion bills HB233 and HB625: “We cannot let our republican colleagues pass an agenda that denies pregnant women their privacy, rights, and respect and violates the privacy of the physician/patient relationship. Medical care should be decided between a patient and her care provider, not legislators.”

Representative Kathy Rogers on Amendment 0940h to section 34 of the Budget: “Planned Parenthood health centers served nearly 11,000 patients last year - during a pandemic. When people can’t see their provider of choice, they delay or simply go without care. Gutting New Hampshire family planning programs means risking access to sexual and reproductive health care for thousands of low-income and uninsured Granite Staters. Amendment 0940h to section 34 of HB 2 is dangerous. It is completely unacceptable that some Republican budget writers are prioritizing slashing access to preventive health care, and during a pandemic. If finalized, this amendment will be a public health disaster for the state of New Hampshire.”

Representative Sue Mullen on HB 548: “The vote to remove menstrual products from school bathrooms is a continued attack on working Granite Staters and the most vulnerable. Providing menstrual products in school bathrooms is important for children who need them throughout the school day. Data has shown that a lack of access to menstrual products negatively impacts a student’s self-esteem, self-identity, and attendance. When Governor Sununu signed then SB 142, he described the legislation as being about equality and dignity. He praised it for assuring that no young woman's education would be disrupted by the fear of shame or stigma. What has changed? If anything, the circumstances of the last year have made it even tougher for impoverished families to make ends meet.”

Ashley Marcoux, President of the New Hampshire Young Democrats: “Reproductive health care is foundational and it is unsettling how many different pieces of legislation the Republicans in Concord and Chris Sununu are trying to push. Not only are they attacking health care and attempting to take away menstrual hygiene products during a public health emergency, they’re ignoring the voices of expert health care providers and Granite Staters who are overwhelmingly in favor of accessible reproductive health care -- including abortion care. In fact, 64 percent of Granite Staters believe abortion should be legal in all or most cases and 77 percent of Americans say they do not want to see Roe v. Wade overturned.”



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