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Granite Staters Deserve To Know Where The NH GOP Congressional Primary Candidates Stand...

Granite Staters Deserve to know where the NH GOP Congressional Primary Candidates Stand on Yesterday's Executive Council Vote

Yesterday, the Executive Council rejected federal funding for vaccine outreach in New Hampshire. This vote makes New Hampshire the only state in the country to reject these federal funds. The NH GOP’s Congressional Primary Candidates have remained largely silent and in response NHDP Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement:

“The NH GOP continues to enable anti-vaccine rhetoric and loudly oppose vaccination efforts -- yesterday we saw that on full display when Chris Sununu’s Executive Council voted on party lines to deny Granite Staters federal vaccination funding. Anti-vaccine rhetoric has taken root in the NH GOP and the fringe conspiracy theorists are taking control. We’re seeing this very clearly in the first and second congressional district NH GOP primaries where a clown car of far-right candidates are attempting to win Donald Trump’s endorsement. Granite Staters deserve to know if the candidates in the NH GOP congressional primaries stand with the most extreme far-right, anti-vaccine elements of their party.”


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