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GOP NH-02 Candidates Have Yet Another Embarrassing Debate

CONCORD, NH — During last night’s NEC debate of Republican primary candidates in New Hampshire's Second Congressional District, Bob Burns, George Hansel, and Lily Tang Williams demonstrated just how out of touch they are with Granite Staters. From lying about the energy crisis to attacking our free press, NH-02 Republicans really outdid themselves tonight.

In response, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement:

“These debates keep getting messier and messier. In between the infighting and name-calling, all three candidates showed just how out of touch they are with Granite Staters.

While Granite Staters are struggling, Congresswoman Annie Kuster is fighting to cut costs and provide real relief. Meanwhile, George Hansel and Bob Burns couldn’t even separate fact from fiction when it came to questions about energy policy. Their complete lack of understanding about this fundamental issue goes to show just how unequipped they are for any sort of office. Annie Kuster is pushing back against the gun lobby and fighting for the safety of our students, meanwhile, every single Republican candidate tonight opposes any common-sense gun safety measures.

These are out-of-touch and unqualified candidates, and none of them hold a candle to Annie Kuster. She’s delivering for Granite Staters, and we know it. It doesn’t matter who makes it out of this messy primary, New Hampshire voters want nothing to do with Bob Burns, George Hansel, or Lily Tang Williams.”


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