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GOP IN CHAOS: Leavitt Calls Mowers Carpetbagger

Concord, NH - In an interview with Chris Ryan on NH Today, former Trump Staffer and NH-01 Congressional candidate Karoline Leavitt called out her likely opponent and 2020 GOP nominee Matt for being a carpetbagger, saying she wasn’t, “worried about a candidate who is not in the race yet and is not even living in the state.” Listen to the full interview here.

"The gloves are off, and the fight to be the Trumpiest candidate is already in full swing,” said NHDP Chair Ray Buckley. “Grab your popcorn and get ready to watch former Trump staffers Mowers and Leavitt spend the next year and a half battling it out to show Granite Staters who is the most extreme, right-wing Trump wannabe.”

In this interview, Leavitt also repeated her roundly debunked claim that Donald Trump actually won the 2020 election and she justified the violent riots at the United States Capitol on January 6th.


Leavitt Attacked Matt Mowers for Not Being From New Hampshire. When asked about Matt Mowers being a potential opponent and not being from New Hampshire, Leavitt said, “I'm certainly not worried about a candidate who is not in the race yet and is not even living in the state while he is mulling perhaps getting into the race.” [NH Today, 7/30/21]

Leavitt Defended Trump’s False Voter Fraud Claims And Justified the Violent January 6 Insurrection. When asked to provide evidence that Trump actually won the election when evidence shows Trump lost, Leavitt said, “Well, I disagree with that assessment. There were widespread irregularities that occurred across the country. It's why Republicans on January 6 stood up and objected to the electors.” Leavitt also added, “I believe that there should be an audit of New Hampshire for the presidential race. ”[NH Today, 7/30/21]



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