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Don Bolduc Tries to Save His Struggling Campaign by Unveiling His General Election “Strategy"

It’s finally here: the day Don Bolduc promised to unveil his big general election “strategy” after weeks of pushing an extreme, unpopular agenda and making constant stumbles that have “put him in a corner” on issue after issue. Bolduc has made a new mistake each week of the general election, and he’s in full damage control mode. First, Bolduc was blasted by his own supporters after he lied about his record of supporting election fraud conspiracies. Then, he faced criticism from Granite Staters after he told them to “get over” a nationwide abortion ban and promised to end Social Security and Medicare as we know it. Now, Bolduc is scrambling to present a “strategy” to help his flailing campaign. Regardless of what Bolduc announces as his new “strategy,” the fact remains that we are 36 days out from the general election, and Bolduc has already defined himself as someone New Hampshire “voters can’t trust.” “After telling Granite Staters to ‘get over’ a nationwide abortion ban and promising to end Social Security, Don Bolduc’s campaign is failing badly, and he is panicking,” said NHDP Chair Ray Buckley. “With 36 days left until the general election, no amount of last-minute reboots can erase just how out-of-touch Don Bolduc’s extreme agenda is with NH voters.” BACKGROUND ON BOLDUC’S BLUNDERS:

  • Bolduc Tells Granite Staters Worried About Republicans Pushing a Nationwide Abortion Ban to “Get Over It.” On WMUR’s Close Up, Don Bolduc said that Granite Staters who are outraged over the push for a nationwide abortion ban should “get over it.” This prompted Granite Staters from across New Hampshire to call out Bolduc’s anti-choice record that makes clear he would be a yes vote for a nationwide abortion ban. Just a week after this gaffe, Don Bolduc doubled down, saying, “I don’t regret saying it” and dismissing abortion rights “as a way to distract from the really important issues that are affecting Granite Staters.”

  • Bolduc Promises to End Medicare As We Know It. Politico reported that Bolduc told supporters during a town hall in Pembroke in August that he would end Medicare as we know it, saying, “The privatization is hugely important.” If it were up to Bolduc, he would rip away care from the 307,000 Granite Staters who are currently enrolled in the program.

  • Bolduc Says Social Security Has “Been There Since 1935, It's Time For Change.” During an interview with Fox News’ Paul Steinhauser, Bolduc said that Social Security has “been there since 1935, it’s time for change.” He’s previously promised to ensure “we no longer have Social Security,” and backed cutting “$2 trillion from Social Security.” He has said that Social Security was “for a different time, for a different place.” and is “bankrupting” the country. Bolduc has also endorsed a scheme to raise the retirement age and slash the Cost-of-Living Adjustment.

  • Bolduc Lies About His Record of Pushing Election Fraud Conspiracies. Immediately after Bolduc won the Republican Senate primary, he lied about his well-documented record of pushing the Big Lie and spreading debunked conspiracy theories about election fraud. After facing immediate backlash for lying about his record, Bolduc scrambled to mitigate the damage and sent a statement to his supporters, letting them know that he still believed the election was stolen. He even admitted that he is, in fact, still an election denier on a far-right radio show where he said, “The narrative that the election was stolen, it does not fly up here in New Hampshire for whatever reason.”


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