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CNN’s Jake Tapper Rakes Chris Sununu Over the Coals for Supporting Don Bolduc

Tapper Reacts “Incredulously” to Sununu’s Support of Bolduc

In case you missed it, CNN’s Jake Tapper “questioned New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu about his support of the controversial Don Bolduc for U.S. Senate in the state” last night. After Tapper played audio of Bolduc calling Sununu a “Chinese communist sympathizer” and saying the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump, Tapper “reacted incredulously” to Sununu doubling down on his support of Bolduc. Mediaite: ‘This Guy’s Not All There’: Jake Tapper Confronts Republican Governor Over His Endorsement of Election Denier for Senate CNN’s Jake Tapper questioned New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu about his support of the controversial Don Bolduc for U.S. Senate in the state. Bolduc is aiming to unseat incumbent Democratic Sen. Maggie Hassan. He has falsely stated the 2020 election was rigged against Donald Trump and has claimed the Covid-19 vaccine is part of an effort by Bill Gates to put microchips in people. Speaking with Sununu on Wednesday night, Tapper noted the governor’s previous opposition to Bolduc during the GOP primary. “You recently have embraced him even though during the primaries you called him a ‘conspiracy theory extremist who’s not a serious candidate,'” said Tapper, who then played audio of Bolduc talking about Sununu in 2021. “He’s a Chinese Communist sympathizer,” Bolduc said during a radio interview. “He’s in business with Saudi Arabian companies that give money to terrorist organizations.” Bolduc accused Sununu of being “a globalist world government guy.” Tapper reacted incredulously. “There’s so much crazy in there, I don’t even know how to unpack it,” the host said. “But now you’re telling Republicans in your state to vote for him. This guy’s not all there.” Sununu dismissed Tapper’s observation. [...] “You know I’m not talking about his physical presence,” Tapper interjected. “He was a staunch election liar. Before he won the primary, he was an election liar. Then he drastically swapped his position once he won the nomination and realized, ‘Oh my God, there’s a bunch of sane people in New Hampshire I have to appeal to.'” Tapper then aired a clip of Bolduc declaring, “I signed a letter with 120 generals and admirals saying that Trump won the election, and damn it, I stand by it.” The host noted that Bolduc has since reversed course, stating, “I’ve done a lot of research on this and I’ve spent the past couple of weeks talking to Granite staters all over the state from every party. And I’ve come to the conclusion – and I want to be definitive on this – the election was not stolen.” [...] “Are you hurting the cause of sane Republicans when you embrace people like that?” Sununu denied such a thing. [...]


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