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“CLUELESS”: The Nastiest Moments in the Republican Senate Debate

The New Hampshire Republican Senate candidates had their first debate — and it was vicious. Here’s the nastiest, messiest moments from the first Republican Senate debate at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics:

  1. Chuck Morse Brags About Getting Abortion “Banned in the Budget.” Just days after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade, Chuck Morse used the Republican debate to brag about being the first New Hampshire Republican to get abortion “banned in the budget,” — another clear reminder that Morse would be a yes vote for a nationwide abortion ban if he was elected to the Senate. Watch the clip.

  2. Don Bolduc Calls Kevin Smith “Clueless” on Ukraine, Says “A Town Manager in Londonderry Knows Nothing About National Security.” Twenty minutes into the debate, Kevin Smith went after General Don Bolduc, accusing him of doing an “about face” on Ukraine and being “taken to task” by Fox News for supporting putting US troops on the ground in Ukraine. Bolduc responded by slamming Smith, saying he is “absolutely wrong,” calling him “clueless” on Ukraine, “has no idea what he is talking about,” and that a “Town Manager in Londonderry knows nothing about national security and strategy.” Watch the clip.

  3. Bruce Fenton Yells at Chuck Morse, Calling Him a “Rubber Stamp” and “Order Taker” who is “Afraid to Answer Questions.” When asked about if they would support the bipartisan gun safety legislation, Bruce Fenton tore into Chuck Morse, berating him as a “rubber stamp” who is “afraid to answer questions” and that he would “vote to take these people’s guns away, and that’s why we exactly don’t need you down there, Chuck,” and mocked him as “an order taker” and “a rubber stamp guy” who is “not what we need right now.” Morse’s response? Silence. Watch the clip.

  4. Don Bolduc Mocks Kevin Smith for Being at “Two Points” in the Polls. Don Bolduc and Kevin Smith were at it again a few minutes later: Smith went after Bolduc for not having the “right temperament” for a United States Senator. Bolduc shot back by mocking Smith for polling at “two points” and scolding him for practicing “political theater” and attacking Republicans. Watch the clip.

  5. Fenton Attacks Morse for “Doing Nothing” and Demands an Apology for His “Failed” Response to COVID-19. Bruce Fenton had a lot to say about Morse’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In a heated and emotional tirade, Fenton attacked Morse for “doing nothing” to stop mask requirements and said Morse “failed us,” and most importantly, failed Fenton, who dramatically screamed, “we needed you, Chuck. I needed you,” and demanded an apology. Fenton even went as far as to say that Morse’s response to COVID-19 forced him to run for the Senate: “I don’t want to be here, and I don’t want to go down to that swamp. You’re making me do it.” Watch the entire meltdown here.

  6. Kevin Smith Promises to Join Extreme, Far Right Freedom Caucus. In the latest sign of how extreme he would be in the Senate, Kevin Smith bragged about creating the New Hampshire version of the “Freedom Caucus” in the State Legislature — and said that he would be “aligned” with the Freedom Caucus in the Senate. This is the latest extreme stance for Smith, who has recently promised his supporters “we are so close to ending abortion once and for all,” and ran New Hampshire’s leading anti-choice organization. Watch the Clip.


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