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Bolduc Floats Ending Social Security As We Know It, Yet Again

In case you missed it, the Union Leaderreported that Don Bolduc has again doubled down on his call to end Social Security. During an event on October 10, Bolduc was asked if he thinks he could “work with some senators to find a way to start the private investment accounts” around Social Security, to which Bolduc answered, “That’s right, yeah.”

Bolduc’s attack on Social Security is just the latest attack on the program. Bolduc has promised that he would work until “we no longer have Social Security,” which he said was “for a different time, for a different place” and is “bankrupting” the country. He said that when it comes to Social Security, “it’s time for change” and even called to cut “$2 trillion from Social Security.” As recently as August, Bolduc promised to end Medicare as we know it — which would take away Medicare from the 307,000 Granite Staters currently enrolled in the program. Bolduc has backed a scheme to raise the retirement age, slash Social Security’s Cost-of-Living Adjustment, and cut $1.2 trillion from Medicare.

“Over time, we no longer have Social Security,” Bolduc said, a statement he made not during this election but while running for the Senate in 2020.

Last August at a town hall meeting Bolduc did say “Privatization is hugely important.”

The candidate and campaign have since insisted he would oppose privatization efforts.

“From wanting to destroy Medicare and Social Security to enthusiastically supporting the Big Lie, Don Bolduc is a flip-flopping MAGA extremist through and through,” said Eva Estrada, LCV Victory Fund regional campaigns director.

The Union Leader obtained an audio of a brief exchange Bolduc had on Oct. 10.

“We’ve got a lot of work to do to protect it, get the money back into it and making sure nobody messes with it,” Bolduc said of Social Security.

The questioner then asks, “Do you think you could work with some senators to find a way to start the private investment accounts?”

Bolduc answered, “That’s right, yeah.”



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