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Ahead of Tonight’s Final Debate, Here Are Don Bolduc’s Worst Moments on the Campaign Trail

Ahead of the final U.S. Senate debate hosted by WMUR tonight, here are Don Bolduc’s worst moments from the general election.

  1. Bolduc Spreads Debunked Conspiracy Theory About Children in Schools Identifying as “Cats” and Says NH Schools Need to “Prove” That Isn’t Happening. At an event last week, Don Bolduc made a patently false claim that New Hampshire schools are “putting litter boxes” in bathrooms and students are identifying as “cats.” This disturbing conspiracy theory has been widely debunked, and Bolduc’s comments were so appalling that the school Bolduc referenced publicly disavowed them. Bolduc was pushed on his comments during an interview with NBC, and he said he was not backing down and that the school needed to “prove” him wrong.

  2. Bolduc Shares “Classic” Disproven Election Fraud Claim During Debate. Bolduc repeated a “classic” debunked conspiracy theory about election fraud in New Hampshire last week during the NHPR debate. Bolduc “stoked unfounded election fraud claims” about people being bussed in from other states to vote, and then he “scolded a debate audience when members laughed at his bizarre claim about out-of-state voters.” Bolduc’s election denial claims have garnered attention far and wide — in fact, just this week Donald Trump endorsed Bolduc because he is a "strong and proud Election Denier."

  3. Bolduc Says the Future of Reproductive Rights “Belongs” to “Gentlemen” Republican Politicians And Suggests He’s Open to Banning IVF. Don Bolduc’s anti-choice record has gotten even more extreme in the weeks leading up to the election. HuffPost reported that Bolduc said that “as a man,” he thinks he knows what’s best for women and that the future of reproductive rights “belongs” to anti-choice “gentlemen” politicians. Shortly after, Vanity Fair reported that Don Bolduc wants to ban IVF treatments – a medical procedure used by countless women seeking to become pregnant. In response to a question on banning this medical procedure, Bolduc said, “I am not going to say no, right?…I don’t like that practice [of discarding embryos] at all.” Bolduc’s extreme anti-choice record leaves no doubt that he would be a yes vote for a nationwide abortion ban.

  4. PolitiFact Confirms that Bolduc Supports Ending Social Security and Cutting Trillions from Medicare. Don Bolduc has a well-documented record of calling to cut trillions of dollars from Social Security and Medicare, which PolitiFact confirmed this week. According to the Politifact report, “Bolduc advocated for cutting $1.2 trillion for Medicare and in August 2022 he called for ‘getting government out’ of Medicare. In 2020 and again in October 2022, Bolduc advocated that future retirees transition from Social Security to private savings accounts,” which “reiterated [his] support for eventually changing Social Security to private investments accounts.” Don Bolduc has made it clear he wants to end Social Security and Medicare as we know it, which would be devastating to the hundreds of thousands of Granite Staters who rely on the programs.

  5. Bolduc Supports a National Sales Tax. Last week, WMUR reported that Don Bolduc “stood by his support for a Fair Tax,” which would increase taxes on the middle class by an average of $3,200 per year and replace federal income taxes with a 23 percent national sales tax on all purchases — even gas, health care, and rent. Bolduc has repeatedly stated that he supports the “Fair Tax.” Just last week, Bolduc said, “I want a Fair Tax,” during a WMUR Facebook live interview, and at a town hall with supporters in October, Bolduc said we “need a Fair Tax.” This position is not new for Bolduc, who has spent years researching and supporting the Fair Tax, which would be devastating to Granite Staters. In April 2020, Bolduc said he “read on up everything I could Google on the Fair Tax” and concluded that “we need to get it done.” In this interview, podcast host Doc Greene explicitly stated that he was discussing the 23% national sales tax outlined on In March 2020, after having this sales tax proposal explained to him in detail, he also said the“Fair Tax law” is “something we need to do.”


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