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New Hampshire Democratic Party Statement on Today’s Statewide Election Gains

New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement in response to today’s gains across the state for Democrats:

“Tonight’s results show that Granite Staters trust Democrats over Republicans when it comes to driving economic development, improving local schools, and addressing the challenges that impact communities across the state.

“Democratic gains and high turnout across New Hampshire tonight, including in Republican strongholds like Laconia, prove that Granite Staters are energized about electing Democrats up and down the ticket.

“Since 2016, we elected an entirely Democratic federal delegation, won majorities in the State House and Senate, and now, tonight, we have made big electoral gains across the state. We look forward to expanding these gains in 2020 when we win back the White House, re-elect Senator Shaheen, and kick Chris Sununu out of the Corner Office.

“Finally, I wanted to wish Governor Sununu a happy birthday.”

Here are some initial stats about Democratic wins across the state tonight (with final tabulations to come as results are finalized):

  • The New Hampshire Democratic Party recruited 324 Democratic candidates for 365 races - compared to 157 Republican candidates, demonstrating that Democrats are ready and able to compete anywhere in this state.

  • Democrats won more than two-thirds of the races in which they competed - with more than 80 races yet to be called.

  • In Laconia, a city that Donald Trump won by 13 points, Democrat Andrew Hosmer nearly flipped that partisan advantage, winning by nearly 10 points.

  • New Hampshire made history tonight by electing New Hampshire’s first openly transgender city councilor, Palana Belken, to Rochester’s city council.

  • So far, 8 Democrats who won tonight are first-time candidates, and 19 are young Democrats.

  • In the past few weeks, the New Hampshire Democratic Party’s grassroots organization knocked more than 75,000 doors and made over 16,000 calls.


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