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Sununu Sells Veto to Highest Bidder (Seriously)

Here's a statement from Holly Shulman, New Hampshire Democratic Party spokesperson, responding to Sununu auctioning off his veto of paid family leave: "I wish I could say I was surprised, but we've known for a long time that Sununu has been offering up his vetoes to the highest bidder. Whether it's Sununu's budget veto that benefits his corporate special interest donors at the expense of taxpayers and New Hampshire schools, his net metering veto sponsored by his corporate donors, or his veto of paid family leave, Sununu is working only for the highest bidder at the expense of everyone else. In case Chris Sununu needs a reminder which it seems like he does, the job of the governor of New Hampshire is to work to help the people of New Hampshire - not to recklessly veto every bill that comes to his desk in order to enrich the Republican Party or his own donors."

You can watch the video of Governor Sununu selling his veto at the Winnipesaukee GOP 4th of July breakfast in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire here:

Excerpts from the transcript follow: SUNUNU: We're going to auction some stuff off. EMCEE: Let's do this one first. SUNUNU: Alright, come on up. What is this? This is my veto. This is the veto of Senate Bill 1. ... SUNUNU: I hear 275! $300 for the greatest veto of all time! This went up. $300 going once. ... SUNUNU: Listen, I have like 40 more vetoes in the next couple weeks. That's a lot of money. ... SUNUNU: Is this legal? I'm selling vetoes. I don't care. ... SUNUNU: 375. We have 375 for the veto flag. $400 in the back! Wow! State of New Hampshire flag, clearly the most popular vetoes. I'm blown away by this. Seriously. I don't know what bills are coming to my - I'm just going to veto everything.


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