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6 Troubling Facts We Learned About Donald Bolduc This Week

Concord, N.H. - Although a nasty GOP primary has been brewing in the shadows for weeks, Donald Bolduc was the first of several candidates to officially declare his candidacy for the U.S. Senate this week. But Bolduc’s bumpy launch week has been revealing. Here are six troubling facts New Hampshire learned about Donald Bolduc this week.

1. Donald Bolduc Would Eliminate the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

Bolduc endorsed repeal of the Affordable Care Act and supported Donald Trump's wildly unpopular health care plan in multiple interviews this week. If he were to succeed in repealing the ACA, Bolduc would kick tens of thousands of Granite Staters off their health insurance, take away protections for people with pre-existing conditions, and end essential health benefits like substance use disorder treatment. [Seacoast Online, 6/24/19; Jack Heath Radio, 6/24/19]

2. Donald Bolduc Would Place Restrictions on a Granite State Woman's Access to A Full Range of Health Services

"I am pro-life," Donald Bolduc vowed this week, responding to a question about where he stands on abortion. While oppressive laws in Alabama and Georgia seek to take away women's rights and freedoms, and ban abortion, Donald Bolduc announced he would be a vote against protecting a New Hampshire woman's right to access a full range of health services. [Twitter, Adam Sexton of WMUR, 6/24/19]

3. Donald Bolduc "Supports Donald Trump 100%"

Feeling the pressure from his undeclared rival, Bill O’Brien, who has already begun identifying himself as “Trump before Trump,” Bolduc went all-in on Trump this week, promising, "I support Donald Trump 100%," during a meeting with the Pemi-Baker Valley GOP. [Pemi-Baker Valley Republican Spaghetti Dinner, 6/21/19]

Bolduc also flip-flopped on his past criticism of Donald Trump's administration. After previously defending Jim Mattis in the wake of his departure as Defense Secretary earlier this year, this week Bolduc claimed his earlier statement that “I do not know how men of honor can operate in the divisive political environment that has been created by this administration,” was not actually referring to “this administration.” [WMUR, 6/26/19]

That’s quite a reversal.

4. Donald Bolduc Admits To "Not Knowing Much About the Opioid Epidemic"

The local news reports from Donald Bolduc's first campaign event were simply brutal.

  • "During the conversation, Bolduc admitted to not knowing much about the opioid epidemic.” [Eagle Tribune, 6/25/19]

  • WMUR Headline: “In first policy discussion, US Senate candidate Bolduc learns about NH opioid crisis” [WMUR, 6/25/19]

5. Donald Bolduc's Character Witness Was Investigated, Fined, By NH Bureau of Securities Regulation

The only other person featured by name in Bolduc’s launch video was exposed as a financial advisor previously sanctioned and fined $5,000 by New Hampshire regulators for defrauding his investors by the Union Leader. Instead of apologizing, Bolduc doubled down on his friend's misdeeds. [Union Leader, 6/27/19]

6. Donald Bolduc Won’t Say if Donald Trump Is a Role Model for Children

When asked by New Hampshire Public Radio to assess the example Donald Trump sets for children, Bolduc responded "It wasn't for him to say.” [NHPR, 6/24/19]

"Donald Bolduc is running to be a Donald Trump yes-man and a rubber-stamp for the President's toxic agenda," said New Hampshire Democratic Party spokesman Josh Marcus-Blank. "Absolute loyalty to Trump may serve him well in his upcoming GOP primary, but it’s not right for New Hampshire."


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