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New Hampshire Democratic Party Announces New County and Manchester, Nashua Officers

“We have the team we need to succeed in 2020.”

Concord, N.H. - Today, the New Hampshire Democratic Party announced the winners of the ten county and two city committee caucuses, who will play a leadership role in their communities helping Democrats win up and down the ticket in 2020. County Democratic Committees, as well as the Manchester and Nashua City Committees, caucus every two years - in off years - to elect their Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Delegate(s) at Large. Any registered Democrat can run for and vote for any elected officer position. The caucuses, which were held over the past two months, attracted more than 650 attendees. Last night, New Hampshire Democrats concluded this year’s caucuses with Merrimack County’s caucus. “Democrats have come together to elect officers who will lead the effort in communities across the state to share the Democratic Party’s vision for creating good paying jobs, protecting women’s rights, making college affordable, and rebuilding the middle class,” said Ray Buckley, chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party. “It’s clear that with these local leaders - many of whom are rising Democratic stars - we have the team we need to succeed in 2020 and beyond.” Notably, the elected officers and delegates are majority women, and many are young Democrats who have potential to be the Party’s next rising stars. Belknap County (The caucus and election were held on April 6th in Tilton.) Chair: Lynn Thomas, Meredith Vice Chair: Johanna Davis, Gilford Secretary: Catherine Farkas, Sanbornton Treasurer: Kate Miller, Meredith At-Large Delegate: Mo Baxley, Laconia At-Large Delegate: Carlos Cardona, Laconia At-Large Delegate: Heather Carter, Barnstead

Carroll County (The caucus and election were held on May 5th in Chocorua.) Chair: Knute Ogren, Effingham Vice Chair: Erik Corbett, Conway Secretary: Pat Pussell, Ossipee Treasurer: William McKay, Tamworth At-Large Delegate: LeeAnn Stevens, Madison At-Large Delegate: Caroline Nesbit, Sandwich

Cheshire County (The caucus and election were held on May 7th in Keene.) Chair: Carl DeMatteo, Keene Vice Chair: Kathleen O'Donnell, Keene Secretary: Ann Heffernon, Keene Treasurer: Frank Dobisky, Keene At- Large Delegate: Jim Tetreault, Winchester At- Large Delegate: Dita Englund, Stoddard At- Large Delegate: JoAnn Fenton, Keene At- Large Delegate: Heather Stockwell, Dublin At- Large Delegate: Tim Butterworth, Chesterfield

Coos County (The caucus election and were held on May 17th in Colebrook.) Chair: Brian Bresnahan, Northumberland Vice Chair: Eamon Kelly, Berlin Secretary: Cathleen Fountain, Dalton Treasurer: Jane Brickett, Lancaster At-Large Delegate: Charlie Cotton, Lancaster At-Large Delegate: Paul Robitaille, Gorham

Grafton County (The caucus and election were held on May 4th in Littleton.) Chair: Sarah Daniels-Campbell, Rumney Vice Chair: Bill Bolton, Plymouth Secretary: Ann Garland, Lebanon Treasurer: Rep. George Sykes, Lebanon At-Large Delegate Susan Moore, Franconia At-Large Delegate: Martha Richards, Holderness At-Large Delegate: Rep. Denny Ruprecht, Landaff At-Large Delegate: Jay Knower, Campton At-Large Delegate: Rep. Sue Ford, Franconia

Hillsborough County – Towns (The caucus and election were held on April 6th in Wilton.) Chair: Roger Lessard, Greenfield Vice Chair: Matthew Hale, Hancock Secretary: Trudy Morgan, Milford Treasurer: Karen Day, Greenfield At-Large Delegate: Sabina Chen, Pelham At-Large Delegate: Katy Cutshall, Bedford At-Large Delegate: Mackenzie Murphy, Merrimack At-Large Delegate: Eric Rausmussen, Francestown At-Large Delegate: Christie West, Mont Vernon At-Large Delegate: Gwen Whitbeck, Mason At-Large Delegate: Rep. Kermit Williams, Wilton

Manchester City (The caucus and election were held on April 13th in Manchester.) Chair: Gene Martin Vice Chair: Rep. Patty Cornell Secretary: Sean Doyle Treasurer: Senate President Donna Soucy At-Large Delegate:Hassan Essa At-Large Delegate: Bonnie Doherty At-Large Delegate: Ethan Moorhouse At-Large Delegate: Dario Scalco At-Large Delegate: Kari Thurman

Merrimack County (The caucus and election were held on May 21st in Concord.) Chair: Kris Mueller, Warner Vice Chair: John Hattan, Concord Secretary: Carl Soderstrom, Concord Treasurer: Chuck Koontz, Hopkinton At-Large Delegate: Adolphe Bernotas, Concord At-Large Delegate: Jennifer Buck, Webster At-Large Delegate: Kerry Clock, Canterbury At-Large Delegate: Linda Hagan, New London At-Large Delegate: Janice Kelble, Hooksett At-Large Delegate: Huck Montgomery, Concord At-Large Delegate: Celeste Cook, New London

Nashua City (The caucus and election were held on April 1st in Nashua.) Chair: Dave Tencza Vice Chair: Rep. Manny Espitia Secretary: Rep. Sue Newman Treasurer: Bernadette Halloran At-Large Delegate: Rep. Linda Harriott-Gathright At-Large Delegate: Teresa Moler At-Large Delegate: Rep. Ray Newman At-Large Delegate: JoAnne St. John

Rockingham County (The caucus and election were held on April 8th in Exeter.) Chair: Larry Drake, Portsmouth Vice Chair: Daniel Chartrand, Exeter Secretary: Jackie Wood, Auburn Treasurer: Nancy Belanger, Exeter At-Large Delegate: Steve Briden, Exeter At-Large Delegate: Tom Chase, Northwood At-Large Delegate: Michael Ditommaso, Raymond At-Large Delegate: Kevin Fleming, Exeter At-Large Delegate: Sean McBride Lewis, Salem At-Large Delegate: Steve Marchand, Portsmouth At-Large Delegate: Doug Marino, Stratham At-Large Delegate: Rep. Liz McConnell, Brentwood At-Large Delegate: Hon. Mindi Messmer, Rye At-Large Delegate: Kate Michaels, Newton At-Large Delegate: Melanie Muns, Hampton At-Large Delegate: Brenda Oldak, South Hampton At-Large Delegate: Tammy Siekmann, Londonderry At-Large Delegate: Bonnie Wright, Salem

Strafford County (The caucus and election were held on April 27th in Dover.) Chair: Patrick Carroll, Dover Vice Chair: Rep. Sherry Frost, Dover Secretary: Isaac Epstein, Dover Treasurer: Ashley Motta, Rochester At-Large Delegate: Sue Veal, Rochester At-Large Delegate: Pat Gingrich, Barrington At-Large Delegate: David Holt, Somersworth At-Large Delegate: Walter King, Dover At-Large Delegate: Manny Krasner, Farmington At-Large Delegate: Sue Mayer, Lee At-Large Delegate: Ellen Phillips, New Durham

Sullivan County (The caucus and election were held on May 4th in Claremont.) Chair: Judith Kaufman, Cornish Vice Chair: John Streeter, Charlestown Secretary: Shideko Terai, Cornish Treasurer: Chad Rolston, Claremont At-Large Delegate: Rep. Linda Tanner, Sunapee At-Large Delegate: Ron Logerfo, Charlestown


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