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Sununu Caught Lying About Funding for Portsmouth Naval Shipyard

In Case You Missed It, Governor Chris Sununu got caught lying about funding for the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. WMUR reported yesterday that, while defending President Trump's threat to raid the shipyard for $224 million through his sham emergency declaration, Sununu blamed the federal delegation for not "com[ing] to an agreement with the president that would have ensured the continuation of funding for these important projects in the first place." The problem is, the federal delegation had secured this funding, and Sununu is supporting Trump in trying to raid it. WMUR caught Sununu in the lie:

  • First, the funding for the shipyard projects was included in the fiscal 2019 military construction budget that the delegation supported and was signed into law by Trump on Sept. 21, 2018.

  • Second, it was almost five months after the federal delegation secured the funding for the shipyard and other military construction projects that POLITICO reported the administration was eyeing this funding, less than a week before the president declared the "emergency."

NHDP Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement: “Our federal delegation is fighting hard to protect the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard while Chris Sununu is spreading lies and standing up for Trump’s plan to raid millions from New Hampshire, putting at risk New Hampshire jobs and New Hampshire’s Seacoast economy."


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