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NHDP Holds March State Committee Meeting

Ray Buckley Re-Elected for 7th Term as NHDP Chair

Concord, N.H. - Today, at the New Hampshire Democratic Party's March State Committee meeting, committee members elected the 2019 class of NHDP Officers. Current NHDP Chair Ray Buckley was unanimously re-elected for his 7th term following an incredibly successful 2018 midterm election. Senator Martha Fuller Clark was re-elected as 1st Vice Chair, Senator Bette Lasky was elected as 2nd Vice Chair, Maitri Chittidi was re-elected as Secretary, and Brian Rapp was re-elected as Treasurer. State Representative Renny Cushing, Esther Dickinson, Ryan Mahoney, Gene Martin, the Honorable Mindi Messmer, and the Honorable Jackie Weatherspoon were all elected to the State Party Rules Committee. State Committee members and Democratic activists in attendance also received updates on how the NHDP is building on last year's electoral successes preceding Town Meeting Day, the municipal elections, and 2020. NHDP Chair Ray Buckley issued the following statement: "The New Hampshire Democratic Party flipped both legislatures and the Executive Council because of our focus on grassroots organizing and community outreach. I am grateful for the opportunity to continue as Chair and fire Sununu for his corruption and self-dealing inaugural fund. New Hampshire deserves better than Sununu, who refuses to stand up to Trump on any issue, even when Trump's recent emergency declaration threatens to strip funding from the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard and NH National Guard. I have no doubt that if we continue to highlight all our focus on New Hampshire families and Sununu and New Hampshire Republican's focus on lobbyists and corporate special interests, New Hampshire Democrats will continue to deliver in 2019 and 2020."


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