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NH Senate and House Democrats Unveil Actions to Help Granite Stater's Hurt by Trump Shutdown

Concord, N.H. - Today, the New Hampshire Senate and House Democratic majorities called on Governor Sununu to join them to take multiple actions to help the 2,400 Granite Staters who have now gone 35 days without a paycheck during President Trump's government shutdown. Their plan involves a combination of executive and legislative action and urges Trump's Administration to overturn their rule that declares states cannot provide unemployment insurance to furloughed employees who have now missed two paychecks. NHDP Chair Ray Buckley issued the following statement: "Today Democrats laid out a bold proposal that would help the thousands of Granite Staters who've been affected by Trump's Shutdown and urged Governor Sununu to join their efforts. It is vital that while the federal government remains closed, New Hampshire takes action to make life easier for the 2,400 people who have now missed out on two paychecks. "It is fundamentally wrong that Trump and the Republican Party are so comfortable with the shutdown that has hurt hundreds of thousands of Americans. But, between blocking bills in the Senate, to apathetic views of furloughed employees, to Governor Sununu "absolutely" supporting the wall, it's become disturbingly clear that only one party is truly looking out for their constituents. It's time for Sununu to finally leverage his 'close relationship' with the White House for the good of New Hampshire and work with our state legislature to make life better Granite Staters."


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