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Molly Kelly Concedes to Sununu in New Hampshire Governor’s Race

Sununu Limps Across Finish Line with Embarrassing Finish

Concord, NH - Molly Kelly, a former state senator and longtime public servant, conceded to incumbent Chris Sununu in the New Hampshire Governor’s race. In Kelly’s concession speech, she thanked her thousands of grassroots supporters and vowed to continue fighting for Granite State families.

Statement from NHDP Chairman Ray Buckley: "This was an embarrassing night for Chris Sununu, who despite having the advantage of incumbency and special interest backers who massively outspent Molly's campaign, could only limp across the finish line. We will continue to hold Chris Sununu accountable, as we have since day one of his administration. “On issue after issue, Granite Staters are strongly opposed to Sununu’s radical right-wing agenda, from unconstitutional voter suppression legislation to anti-student school vouchers. We hope that Sununu will respond to voters’ concerns by finally working with Democrats in good faith on critical issues facing hardworking Granite Staters.

“We are incredibly proud of the strong, grassroots campaign Molly ran without taking a dime from corporations. Her message of creating a New Hampshire that works for everyone clearly resonated with Granite Staters, and we are deeply grateful for her dedication and public service."


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