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Concord Monitor Editorial Slams Sununu for Putting Corporate Special Interests Above Granite Staters

Concord, N.H. - Today, the Concord Monitor editorial board endorsed Molly Kelly for Governor. In their endorsement, they applauded Kelly’s focus on helping Granite State families and criticized Chris Sununu’s corporate special interest agenda.

NHDP Chair Ray Buckley issued the following statement:

“Sununu has used his time in office to benefit his high dollar corporate donors at the expense of hardworking Granite State families. This endorsement highlights how Sununu’s policies are not in New Hampshire’s best interests and makes a compelling case to elect Molly Kelly as governor on November 6th.”

Read below for excerpts from the Concord Monitor editorial board’s endorsement of Molly Kelly for governor: Key points:

  • Helps corporations at the expense of working families: “His business tax cuts are a big, unsought-after gift to large corporations. They hurt the state’s ability to take major steps to meet its responsibilities to public education, infrastructure, mental health, children, corrections reform and the developmentally disabled.”

  • Ignores climate change and hampers efforts to mitigate its effects on New Hampshire, notably with his veto of SB 446, the net metering expansion:

  • “Sununu’s position on climate change is surprising and disappointing. He only reluctantly acknowledges its reality, and at a time when governors are increasing their efforts to shift away from fossil fuels...he has not taken the lead but stymied progress.”

  • “The veto mothballed efforts by municipalities to install solar farms that would reduce residents’ tax bills. The governor’s math works only if you ignore the cost to ratepayers of more global warming and more cases of asthma, heart disease and other pollution-related ills.”

  • Weakened New Hampshire’s gun laws: “[Kelly] would not, as Sununu did in the first bill he signed, eliminate the need for a police background check before legally carrying a concealed weapon. Sununu believes the state’s gun laws are adequate. They aren’t.”


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