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Third poll in a row shows Pappas ahead, explains Edwards’ personal attacks

Concord, NH - A UNH Survey Center poll released today showed Chris Pappas leading Eddie Edwards by 9 points in the race for New Hampshire’s First Congressional District. Last week, an Emerson e-poll showed Pappas leading by 5 points and a St Anselm College Survey Center poll showed him leading by 8 points. Throughout last week, to cope, Edwards resorted to negative personal attacks on Chris Pappas.

NHDP Chairman Ray Buckley issued the following statement:

“This is the third straight poll that shows Chris Pappas with a lead in the race for Congress. Pappas’ strong support across the district spans Democrats, independents, and Republicans who know he has a record of putting people over politics and reaching across the aisle to deliver results for New Hampshire. Last week, Edwards started lashing out at Chris Pappas with negative personal attacks and now we know why.

“Edwards’s bizarre, ill-fitting attacks are a telling sign of a flailing campaign. Instead of answering tough questions, Edwards tries to frame the prompts as ‘divisive.’ Perhaps he would be better served by answering the questions directly and sticking to the issues, as extreme as his positions might be. After all, recent polls show he doesn’t have much to lose.”


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