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NHDP: Will Chris Sununu Make Another Empty Paid Family Leave Promise?

Concord, NH – With an election less than a month away, will Chris Sununu make another empty campaign promise on paid family leave? The New Hampshire Democratic Party is counting down the days until Sununu tries to paper over the fact that he alone is responsible for stopping a bipartisan paid family leave law earlier this year, when he resorted to special interest talking points/scare tactics from the Koch Brothers and insurance companies. In October 2016, Sununu was asked at a debate if he would support paid family leave. "Yes, absolutely!" he said. But he killed a bipartisan family leave bill earlier this year at the behest of the Koch brothers and the insurance industry -- going from allegedly supporting it to criticizing it as a "vacation.” Earlier this week, Molly Kelly released her first TV ad of the general election, criticizing Chris Sununu for breaking that promise and showing that he's out-of-touch by calling paid family leave a “vacation.” In reality, paid family leave is used to care of a newborn baby, a parent in need, or a sick child. New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley issued the following statement: “Chris Sununu caved to corporate special interests’ that opposed paid family leave. He put their interests first because he has no idea about the struggles families face. He’s never needed family leave because he’s lived a life of privilege. That’s why he called it a ‘vacation.’ Chris Sununu just doesn’t get it. “I’m expecting Sununu to come forward any minute now with his bi-annual campaign promise to support paid family and medical leave, and it will be as worthless now as it was in 2016. “New Hampshire voters want a governor who will keep her promises and look out for working families, not corporate special interests, which is why they’ll elect Molly Kelly.”


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