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Sununu must keep his word and veto the voter suppression bill HB 1264

Concord, N.H. - Today, the New Hampshire Supreme Court issued an advisory opinion on HB 1264, voting 3-2 that the legislation is constitutional. Governor Sununu has evolved significantly since this bill and its twin HB 372 were first introduced. Last December, Sununu was caught on camera saying he "hates" the bill and that he "will never do anything to suppress the student vote." He then spent months moderating his stance saying he didn't like it in "its current form," to saying "it'd be hard not to sign, to be honest" if the Supreme Court came out with this decision. NHDP Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement: "When Governor Sununu said he "hates" HB 1264 and that he "will never do anything to suppress the student vote" that should have been the end of this voter restriction legislation. But of course nothing is ever that simple with Sununu, who is completely beholden to his corporate donors and is willing to change his opinion on a dime to suit their wishes. The NH Supreme Court decision changes nothing about the effect this bill will have on eligible New Hampshire voters who will have to overcome debilitating regulations just to cast a ballot. Lots of bad policy is constitutional, that doesn't mean it should become law. Governor Sununu must keep his promise to the students of New Hampshire and veto this bill."


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