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BREAKING: Phil Spagnuolo wins special election, flipping a district Trump won by 13 points

Concord, N.H. - Tonight, Democrat Phil Spagnuolo defeated Republican Les Cartier in the state Representative special election in Belknap County District 3, 968-841 (54%-46%). Spagnuolo's victory comes in a district Donald Trump won by 13 points and Chris Sununu by 10 points, where Republicans have a 11% registration advantage over Democrats. Spagnuolo's victory marks the 5th seat New Hampshire Democrats have flipped from red to blue since the 2016 election. In that time, Democrats have won 9 special elections in 11 tries, earning 53% of the vote in districts where Republicans have a registration advantage. Spagnuolo will replace Republican Representative Donald Flanders in the New Hampshire House. Flanders passed away in September of 2017. As a former Medicaid Expansion recipient and founder of Navigating Recovery, Phil is passionate about solving the opioid crisis and dedicated to expanding health care access & affordability. House Democratic Leader Steve Shurtleff issued the following statement: "Representative-elect Spagnuolo is the perfect advocate at just the right time. He earned this seat by connecting with voters who share his concerns about the growing opioid crisis and our ability as a state to respond to it. Phil knows first hand how crucial Medicaid Expansion is to so many Granite Staters and I know he will fight to reauthorize it. As a recovery coach, he will push for more resources to fight the opioid crisis, and as a father, he will defend and strengthen public schools. Phil will be relentless advocate for New Hampshire values and we couldn't be happier to welcome to the New Hampshire House." NHDP Chair Ray Buckley issued the following statement: "Congratulations to Representative-elect Spagnuolo, who has proven once again that deep community ties, a positive message, and hard work can overcome even the longest of odds. After 9 special election wins in 11 tries, it's clear voters are tired of seeing New Hampshire slip under Republicans' failed leadership. The GOP has made each special election a referendum on Governor Sununu, only to lose in their own backyard. By now, they should realize that voters want to elect leaders who stand for something rather than folding under the weight of President Trump and corporate donors. With every improbably victory, we move one step closer to winning back the state legislature, holding onto our Congressional seats, and making Sununu a one-term governor."


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