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With Sununu's approval, New Hampshire House Republicans kill rail

Concord, N.H. - With Governor Sununu's approval, the Republican-led House Committee on Public Works and Highways voted today to remove commuter rail from New Hampshire's 10-year transportation improvement program. In recent months, Governor Sununu has flipped, flopped, and flipped on the issue. He's called it a "boondoggle" before supporting it in the hope that it would inspire Amazon to come to New Hampshire. Following Amazon's rejection of New Hampshire's bid, Sununu walked back his support, saying "it's in the legislature's hands" and Republican Representative Al Baldasaro told WMUR that Sununu "won't lose sleep over it because he's got other priorities." NHDP Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement: "Governor Sununu has changed his position on commuter rail so many times, it's a wonder if even he knows where he ultimately stands on the issue. Instead of doing any research into the project in the first place or listening to the small businesses or mayors who support rail, Sununu stumbled along for years simply spouting partisan talking points regardless of what his constituents wanted. This short-sighted and self-serving economic policy will put us at a distinct disadvantage when the next Amazon comes along looking for their new headquarters and New Hampshire still doesn't have rail. New Hampshire deserves a governor who will invest in our economic future and listen to the small businesses that make up the backbone of our state's economy, not one who toes the party line at all costs. Come November, voters will be sure to remember this betrayal in the voting booths."


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