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Governor Sununu dodges his record in a meandering State of the State speech

Concord, N.H. - Governor Sununu spent his State of the Sate speech painting his policies in broad strokes, but he failed to mention most of his record. Here's what Sununu avoided addressing today: Job Losses Governor Sununu conveniently forgot to mention the jobs New Hampshire lost under his watch. In 2017, Sununu's economy was 50th in the nation and New Hampshire lost jobs for the first time since the recession. New Hampshire was the only state in New England to lose jobs in 2017, with mass layoffs at Sam's Club, Liberty Mutual, Velcro, General Dynamic, Kmart, Bon-Ton, JP Morgan Chase, and Clarke Distributors. Voter Suppression After supporting the first voter suppression law of the Trump era, Sununu signed it with zero fanfare, likely because he was embarrassed about taking credit for this regressive legislation. Now, Sununu is moving toward supporting HB372 and HB1264, two bills that would effectively chill student voting by instituting a modern day poll tax. Concealed Carry In the wake of the 4th deadliest school shooting in American history, Governor Sununu must have thought it insensitive to mention the first bill he signed as governor, concealed carry. He should be embarrassed by the law itself, which New Hampshire Police Chiefs called "dangerous." Conversion Therapy, Child Marriage & Transgender Rights This trio of bills was at the heart of the moral responsibility of the legislature this session. Last year, the Republicans in the legislature failed New Hampshire on all three, voting down a ban on conversion therapy for minors, killing a bill to raise the marriage age from 13, and tabling a bill that would ban transgender discrimination. Sununu remained silent for over a year on all three. On the transgender ban, he said he had "no personal opinion," and it showed in his speech today. Climate Change Despite the escalating threat climate change poses to New Hampshire, Sununu couldn't be bothered to mention it in his State of the State. Meanwhile, he has supported President Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord, rejected membership in the U.S. Climate Alliance, and denied climate change while flirting with the idea of taking New Hampshire out of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). Sexual Assault Governor Sununu claims to have a "zero tolerance" policy on sexual misconduct, but his words don't match his actions. He has yet to condemn or call on Republican State Rep. Eric Schleien to resign for being charged with sexually assaulting a minor while he has called on Democratic elected officials to resign for alleged sexual misconduct. Sununu has also stood by President Trump amid 13 different sexual assault allegations and refused to call on his own state party to return $10,000 from alleged sexual assaulter & now disgraced former RNC Finance Chair Steve Wynn. Amazon Missing from Sununu's speech was any mention of his failed bid for Amazon. New Hampshire missed Amazon's list of 20 finalists for their second headquarters. Sununu's proposal offered a half-baked plan for rail, something he had previously opposed. It also knocked Boston while claiming New Hampshire's proximity to Boston as an asset. Commuter rail Absent from Sununu's remarks was any mention of rail. The governor has flipped, flopped, and flipped on the issue. First, he called it a "boondoggle" and "bad leadership," then he enthusiastically supported it with the hope that it would inspire Amazon to come to New Hampshire. The next day, Amazon rejected New Hampshire and Sununu rejected rail instead of investing in it to land the next Amazon.


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