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50 Reasons to Vote Blue This November 

​Election Day (November 8th) is only 50 days away! There are countless reasons to vote blue this November, but to get started, here's 50: 

  1. Democrats are fighting for abortion rights.

  2. Democrats are fighting to lower costs for Granite Staters.

  3. Democrats believe that public education is a bedrock principle of our free and democratic society.

  4. Democrats believe our diversity makes us stronger.

  5. Democrats are fighting to raise the minimum wage.

  6. Democrats know that climate change is real and happening now, and that action on climate cannot wait, while Republicans continue to deny climate change.

  7. Democrats are working to make our communities safe from gun violence.

  8. Democrats believe that LGBTQ+ individuals deserve equal rights and opportunity. 

  9. Democrats are fighting for living wages for workers.

  10. Democrats are fighting for strong unions.

  11. Democrats know the value of our public schools. 

  12. Democrats are working to support our incredible public educators by ensuring they receive the pay, benefits, and resources they need and deserve.

  13. Democrats believe health care is a basic human right.

  14.  We have cute merch.

  15.  Democrats are working to establish a comprehensive broadband infrastructure that promotes business development in both urban and rural areas of our state.

  16. Democrats are fighting to eliminate our dependence on fossil fuels by investing in energy efficiency and renewable energy resources, infrastructure, and jobs.

  17.  Democrats are fighting to lower skyrocketing prescription drug costs.

  18.  Democrats support modernizing our voter registration and voting processes.

  19.  Democrats are fighting to alleviate crushing student loan debt.

  20. NH Republicans are touting the Big Lie. 

  21.  NH Republicans are trying to take away our reproductive rights. 

  22. NH Republicans are passing legislation attacking our educators and students.

  23.  NH Republicans are diverting public funding to privatized education as part of the systemic attack on our community schools.

  24.  NH Republicans passed a “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

  25. The official NH GOP platform is anti-marriage equality. 

  26.  Because Senator Hassan won her last race by 1,017 votes and we need to re-elect Senator Hassan so she can continue working across the aisle to deliver for New Hampshire families.

  27.  Donkeys are cute animals.

  28.  NH Republicans passed NH’s first modern abortion ban last summer. 

  29.  Sununu signed NH’s first modern abortion ban last summer.

  30.  His abortion ban made no exceptions for rape, incest, or fatal fetal anomalies.

  31.  His abortion ban included medically unnecessary, invasive ultrasounds.

  32.  His abortion ban included criminal penalties for doctors.

  33.  Sununu has refused to take action to protect reproductive rights here in New Hampshire. 

  34.  Sununu and the NH GOP’s school voucher scheme is raising our property taxes.

  35.  Republicans on the Executive Council have voted to defund Planned Parenthood four times in one year.

  36.  Republicans are attacking our voting rights.

  37.  Republicans are pushing the Big Lie and trying to undermine legitimate our elections. 

  38.  Sununu appointed Frank Edelblut. 

  39.  Frank Edelblut. 

  40.  Blue looks good on everyone. 

  41.  Sununu supported Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement.

  42.  Sununu said “the jury is still out” on climate change.

  43.  Sununu took campaign contributions from the NRA, and then vetoed three common sense gun violence prevention bills.

  44.  Sununu still refuses to agree to a neutral, third-party recommendation of a modest wage increase.

  45.  Sununu sided with his corporate special interest donors and vetoed a widely-supported bipartisan renewable energy bill, threatening thousands of rural New Hampshire jobs and resulting in biomass plant closures.

  46.  Sununu said he’s “done more for the pro-life issue than anyone.” 

  47.  NH Republicans running for federal office have made their extreme, anti-choice agendas clear and would support a federal abortion ban.

  48.  NH Republicans are focused on infighting and mud-slinging instead of delivering for Granite Staters. 

  49.  There is so much at stake this November, and NH Republicans have failed us every step of the way. 

  50.  Democrats will never stop fighting for you. 

To win in 50 days, we're need your help. We're going to win this election by grassroots mobilization and meeting voters where they're at. Help connect with voters in your community! 

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