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REMINDER: Nikki Haley Wants To Make Trump’s Tax Scam Permanent

CONCORD, NH — Nikki Haley’s agenda is just a laundry list of ways she wants to follow in Donald Trump’s footsteps, like making permanent Trump’s disastrous tax scam that gave hundreds of billions in tax breaks to the ultra-rich and ballooned the deficit while New Hampshire’s working families footed the bill. Haley is running on the same unpopular MAGAnomics failures that left Trump with the worst jobs record since the Great Depression and Granite Staters will reject once again in 2024.

Haley: “Well, I think what I’d like to see is us go back to what Trump had under the tax cuts under him … I was there.”

Nikki Haley has always sided with big corporations over working families:

  • Haley sided with corporations’ bottom lines over hardworking South Carolinians — and then cashed out on her business ties. 

  • She gave just four corporations “more than $800 million in state incentives and tax breaks” instead of investing in everyday South Carolinians.


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