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RELEASE: Sununu Renominates Unqualified, Partisan Hack to the New Hampshire Supreme Court

Concord, N.H -- Today, Chris Sununu will officially renominate Gordon MacDonald, a Republican partisan hack, to lead the New Hampshire Supreme Court. Last year, the Executive Council voted against installing MacDonald in the position because of his lack of judicial experience, paired with his political activism supporting extreme, anti-choice policies and politicians, supporting an unconstitutional school voucher program, and working for opioid manufacturers who were accused of worsening New Hampshire’s opioid crisis. Sununu had already appointed two other Republican activists -- both without judicial experience -- to New Hampshire’s Supreme Court. But in a pique, he held the Supreme Court vacancy open for 15 months -- the longest it has been vacant in recent history -- which has major implications for justice in New Hampshire. “There are qualified and experienced Republican Judges who sit on New Hampshire courts. But instead of nominating one of them, Chris Sununu left a vacancy on the Supreme Court until he could get his way and nominate a partisan hack,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Raymond Buckley. “Make no mistake – if he’s on New Hampshire’s Supreme Court, MacDonald will threaten the future of reproductive rights, siphon taxpayer funding away from our public schools to give it to private wealthy institutions, and derail the progress we’ve made tackling the opioid crisis to help giant pharmaceutical corporations. And that’s exactly what Chris Sununu wants.”



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