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RELEASE: Report Shows Corporate Special Interests Are Main Donors To Sununu’s Inaugural Fund

Concord, N.H. -- InDepthNH reported yesterday that Governor Chris Sununu’s inaugural committee received $62,500 from 12 corporate and special interest donors and individuals with close ties to Sununu’s office. When asked how he was spending the funds, “Sununu, who declined comment for this story, has said he spends it on things related to running the office,” but has not released specifics on what those things are. This is not the first time Sununu has been criticized for not being transparent about using his inaugural committee to benefit his donors or his family and friends. In 2019, Sununu’s inaugural committee gave out more than $165,000 in contributions from lobbyists to his friends, family, advisors, and himself, prompting the New Hampshire State Senate to pass SB 105 to regulate gubernatorial inaugural funds. Governor Sununu's inaugural fund paid the governor's sister $50,188, and the governor received $39,360 over two years. “Governor Chris Sununu, the least transparent New Hampshire governor in recent memory, has shown Granite Staters time and again that he is bought and paid for by corporate special interests,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley. “Meanwhile, New Hampshire families have been left behind by Sununu’s agenda that only serves to benefit his donors, his family, and himself.”



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