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NHDP Announces Reorganization of 150+ Local Committees

CONCORD, NH — This week the New Hampshire Democratic Party announced the reorganization of over 150 Local Committees, representing towns and counties across New Hampshire. The reorganization effort resulted in a generation of new Democratic leadership in cities and towns across the state.

In response to the reorganization success, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement:

“This reorganization of more than 150 Local Committees across New Hampshire has fostered a new generation of Democratic leadership, passionate about making a difference in their communities. I am proud of the diverse and dedicated individuals who have stepped forward to lead these grassroots organizations. Their energy, ideas, and commitment embody the spirit of the Democratic Party and will be instrumental in shaping a future that aligns with the values and needs of our residents. "These local organizations provide the opportunity to get involved, to make local voices heard, and to be part of a movement that champions the rights and interests of every citizen. Together, we can shape a better, more equitable New Hampshire, marked by a renewed commitment to Democratic values and an invigorated grassroots presence in towns and counties across our great state. “This extensive effort represents a new chapter for our party. Thank you to everyone involved in this reorganization effort. Your hard work and dedication have set us on a course for success. Now, let's continue to move forward, building a stronger, more inclusive Democratic Party for all."


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