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House Leader Osborne Opens the Floodgates on his Extreme Positions

CONCORD, NH – Following a painfully awkward interview with WMUR, NH House GOP Majority Speaker Jason Osborne (R-Auburn) — famously secretive, even on social media — made his private twitter account public, revealing a number of extreme statements and positions originally available only to his extremely small number of online followers. largely composed of NH GOP State Representatives.

What follows are highlights of his statements previously hidden from public view:

Suggesting that New Hampshire public school children should receive firearms training at “every grade level” — even on an AK-47 and that 16 year olds should focus on buying ammunition for AR-15s.

Repeatedly making jokes about rape.

Regarding redistricting, he encouraged his followers to push for maps gerrymandered against Democrats, saying “It’s time we gave them an actual taste of what they are accusing us of” and that failing to pass a “gerrymandered Congressional map will be an embarrassment to NH Republicans for the next decade.”

Implicating Governor Sununu in Republican efforts to sow distrust in New Hampshire public schools by “continuing to signal to parents that they need to remove their children from public schools ASAP.”

Spreading a conspiracy theory that local Democratic leaders are assets of the Chinese Government.


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