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STATEMENT: It's Not "Just Political Stuff"

This afternoon NHPR reported:

[Chris Sununu] says more vetoes are coming on other bills prioritized by Democrats, including plans to raise the state minimum wage, tighten gun laws, and loosen or reverse GOP-backed changes to state voting laws. "Those are just political bills, the ones you just mentioned, and most of those will get vetoed, absolutely. That's just political stuff. I am here to manage the state."

In response, New Hampshire Democratic Party spokesperson Holly Shulman released the following statement: "Does Chris Sununu believe it's 'just political stuff' that many Granite Staters struggle to make ends meet on an outdated $7.25 an hour wage? Is it 'just political stuff' that nearly 1,700 children and teens die by gun homicide every year? Is it 'just political stuff' that certain Granite Staters may be denied the chance to exercise their most basic right? Maybe to out-of-touch Chris Sununu this is just 'political stuff,' but not to working families. Not to the parents of those children. And not to those who are denied the right to vote."


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