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ICYMI: Excerpts from Today's Press Call with NH Dems Chair Ray Buckley and Iowa Dems Chair Troy

Today, the New Hampshire and Iowa Democratic Parties held a press call, ahead of Trump's reelection announcement planned for this evening. In case you missed it, here are some excerpts from the call: Ray Buckley, chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party "While we are still in the midst of this very competitive and exciting First in the Nation Democratic presidential primary that’s bound to have some twists and turns, one thing is clear: no matter who our Democratic presidential nominee is, they will fight for all Americans, while Trump's policies are full of broken promises and have only worked for those who were already at the top.” “For the ultra-wealthy, big corporations and lobbyists, there’s no question Trump has made America great. But for the middle class, he made campaign promises that he simply didn't keep.”

... “While we still have more than 500 days until the election day, it's no mystery where Democrats stand - for policies that help the middle class. Trump may make lots of promises, but his economy empowers big corporations and the rich at the expense of working families." Troy Price, chair of the Iowa Democratic Party “I’ve had the opportunity to go and see many of our candidates, and I can tell you that they are talking about rebuilding the middle class, making college more affordable, and making sure Americans have access to quality affordable health care. And the difference between any Democrat running for president and Donald Trump could not be more stark.” ... “No matter who secures the Democratic nomination for president or wins the Iowa Caucus or the New Hampshire Primary for that matter, we already know that that person will be focused on creating opportunities for all Americans, not just the 1 percent, because that’s what Democrats believe in, and that’s what Democrats have fought for.” “Voters a little over 500 days from now will have a choice between a Democratic nominee who has a vision for moving the country forward and rebuilding the middle class, and Donald Trump whose broken promises have been a disaster here in Iowa and across the country."


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