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Sununu Dons His Black Tie in DC While NH Struggles to Get Back on its Feet

Concord, N.H. - NHDP Chair Ray Buckley issued the following statement as Governor Sununu flies down to Washington D.C. to attend the black-tie, closed-press Alfalfa dinner. "Today, Granite Staters woke up finally breathing a sigh of relief now that Trump's Shutdown ended at last. But Governor Sununu, in a shocking display of indifference to the struggles of his constituents, is spending the day flying down to Washington, throwing on his black tie, and hobnobbing with the very GOP elite that caused this horrific shutdown in the first place. The absurd hypocrisy of this man who claims to hate Washington but flies there whenever he has a chance is frankly incorrigible. At this point everyone in New Hampshire knows that Sununu doesn't care about us and is only sitting in the Corner Office to help himself and raise his profile, but really, does he have to be so obvious about it?"


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