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ICYMI: Union Leader: For NH Dems, a ‘blue riptide’

Concord, NH - After an incredibly successful election night on Tuesday, New Hampshire Democrats are celebrating victories up and down the ticket, keeping both seats in the U.S. House of Representatives and winning control of the New Hampshire House, Senate, and Executive Council.

Statement from NHDP Chairman Ray Buckley:

“Tuesday’s election was a clear rebuke of Chris Sununu and Republican legislators, who used their time in the majority to push dangerous and unpopular legislation like school vouchers, so-called “right to work,” voter restriction, and permitless concealed carry. While Sununu needed to be buoyed by a massive influx of spending by the Republican Governors’ Association, the New Hampshire Democratic Party’s Coordinated Campaign cut off his coattails, as Democratic candidates won competitive races and unseated incumbent Republicans at every level across the state.”


Union Leader: Kevin Landrigan's Granite Status: For NH Dems, it was a blue riptide By: Kevin Landrigan While nationally Democratic leaders are cursing under their breath about lost opportunities, this wasn’t a blue ripple in the Granite State on Tuesday.

It was a blue riptide


Fast-forward eight years and Sununu wakes up to Democratic majorities in the House, the Senate and on the Executive Council.

The House-flipping part isn’t even top of the front page news anymore.

In the past five elections, the party in control in the 400-person House has been tossed out four times.

But this is the first clean sweep for the Democrats under the governor’s race since 2006.


Given Sununu’s strong standing, don’t expect to see any of the Monday morning quarterbacking to surface publicly for a while.

But some high-profile Republicans were pointing at the corner office occupant.

They maintain while the Democrats had more than two dozen coordinated campaign offices and ran as a team up and down the ballot, Sununu didn’t do enough to sell the entire GOP ticket


Many party regulars credit Wayne MacDonald of Derry for stepping up and agreeing to take the helm when Jeannie Forrester of Moultonborough abruptly pulled out to take a municipal government job.

But like Forrester, MacDonald struggled to financially compete with the money machine that is the New Hampshire Democratic Party and that’s one of Stepanek’s biggest assets.

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