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NH Democrats Vote, Achieving Historic ‘Firsts’ and Record-Breaking Performances Up & Down the Ticket

Concord, NH - After the polls closed on primary election night in New Hampshire, the New Hampshire Democratic Party celebrated historic ‘firsts’ and record-breaking performances up and down the ticket.

“New Hampshire Democrats have made their voices heard tonight, and these decisive victories are a testament to the confidence voters have in Annie Kuster, Molly Kelly, Chris Pappas, and our State House and Senate candidates to represent their interests,” said Chairman Ray Buckley. “Our message is clear: we are stronger when our economy works for everyone; a good education, quality health care, equal pay, and retiring with dignity are basic rights, not privileges; diversity is a strength, not a weakness; climate change is real and poses a threat to our future; and every American's right to vote should be protected. Our nominees are reflective of these values, and there’s no question that they will uphold their part in making this vision a reality for families across the Granite State.”

Chris Pappas is our Democratic nominee for New Hampshire's First Congressional District, and he would be the first openly gay person elected to federal office in New Hampshire. Congresswoman Annie McLane Kuster is our incumbent nominee, the first Democrat to be elected to represent New Hampshire’s Second Congressional District three times. Molly Kelly is our Democratic nominee for governor. Melanie Levesque received the nomination for State Senate District 12, and she would be the first African-American to be elected to the State Senate.

People across the state are overwhelmingly rejecting Governor Sununu and the Republican Party’s dangerous agenda by standing up to fight for the democratic values they believe in. New Hampshire Democrats will have another banner year, electing candidates up-and-down the ticket. For more information about State House nominees, visit:; for State Senate nominees, visit:

“We are making history tonight,” Chairman Buckley continued. “Our neighbors have been connecting with each other, and turnout has been on the rise. That’s more powerful than the Koch brothers, any television ads, or mail pieces. These nominees have made their stories clear to the voters, and together, we have the power to build relationships and have impactful conversations about what’s important, whether it’s access to quality education, affordable healthcare, or simply standing up for all people regardless of who they love, how they worship, or their racial and ethnic identities.”

In 2017, Joyce Craig became the first woman ever elected mayor in Manchester, ending 12-years of Republican control over the Queen City. Jim Bouley was also elected to a historic sixth term as Mayor of Concord. Shoshanna Kelly and Gloria Timmons became the first-ever women of color elected to citywide office in Nashua. Linda Harriott-Gathright joined Shoshanna, becoming the first two African-American women elected to Nashua’s Board of Aldermen. Gerri Cannon became the first-ever transgender elected official in Somersworth’s history. Cannon has been working alongside Mayor Dana Hilliard, New Hampshire’s first openly gay mayor, who was re-elected for a third term. Jeremy Hutchinson also became the first-ever LGBT elected official in Rochester’s history, and Democrats won a State Senate special election for the first time since 1984 with Kevin Cavanaugh.

“We’re going to continue putting in the effort necessary to elect more hardworking and dedicated public servants on November 6,” noted Chairman Buckley. “Last year has proven that when we stay focused and mobilized, Democrats can make Sununu a one-term governor, take back control of the State House and Senate, and Executive Council, and keep both congressional district seats blue.”


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