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Sununu, Eddie Edwards, & Steve Negron’s Records Don’t Stand a Chance Against Our Democratic Nominees

Concord, NH - Following today’s primary election results, New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley released the following statement:

“In his first and only term, Chris Sununu has failed to be the leader that our state needs. The people of New Hampshire deserve a leader who knows how to govern, and who doesn’t seek to implement harmful policies that infringe upon the rights of our voters, make our children feel less safe in the classroom, and threaten the foundation of our public education system. Sununu’s time in office has been marked by broken promises and empty photo-ops, while he enables the Trump administration and makes decisions that serve the interests of his wealthy corporate donors at the expense of New Hampshire families.

“The Republican nominee for Congress in the First District, Eddie Edwards, is a hypocrite and the wrong choice to represent New Hampshire. As a staunch Trump supporter, Edwards has been willing to look past the 19 women who have credibly accused Trump of sexual assault and the Access Hollywood tape in which the President bragged about assaulting women. Yet somehow, his primary opponent Andy Sanborn’s well-documented inappropriate behavior in the State Senate was so appalling to Edwards that he refused to pledge his support if Sanborn had become the nominee. The voters of New Hampshire are smart, and they can see through the political games that Eddie Edwards has been playing.

The Republican nominee in the Second Congressional District, Steve Negron, fought through the primary to appear more supportive of President Trump and his administration’s policy objectives than his opponents. His views, whether it’s about repealing the Affordable Care Act, building a border wall, or engaging in trade wars with our nation’s and our state’s closest allies, are morally reprehensible. He is wrong choice for New Hampshire.

“While many of the candidates running demonize people of color, immigrants, low-income individuals and families, and those seeking an opportunity to make our schools safe from guns, the Democratic Party continues to strive to push forward ideas that unite us and that build all of us up -- not just the top one percent.

“Our next governor and our newest member of congress must join Senators Shaheen and Hassan and Congresswoman Kuster to serve as a strong check on the Trump administration’s overreach, corruption, and dangerous policies. Over the next two years, Republicans everywhere will be more focused on protecting Trump, who has the lowest approval rating of any sitting president heading into a midterm election, over the needs of Granite Staters. How can any of them get anything done on behalf of New Hampshire families with state house scandals rivaling neck-and-neck with those of the White House?

“As for the poor selection of nominees representing the Republican ticket in New Hampshire’s First and Second Congressional Districts, as well as the State House and Senate and Executive Council races, their lack of experience and ability to work on behalf of our families will speak for itself. The people of the Granite State will make their voices loud and clear on November 6 when they reject the party of Donald Trump and Chris Sununu.”


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