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"Community is the most powerful thing in politics"

-Raymond Buckley, NHDP Chairman

Just want to help in any way that you can? Fill out our Volunteer Form and we'll get back to you with volunteer opportunities. If you're looking for specifics, check out our ideas on how to get involved below.

What can I do to help?




Want to do more? Fill out our volunteer form and we'll get back to you on a specific way you can volunteer for the NHDP!

Make a Phone Call

Make a phone call to your representatives to keep them accountable or to let them know you support the work they're doing.



Write a Letter

Writing a letter to the editor lets your voice be heard! If you have any questions about writing a letter view our Letter Writing Tips!

Attend a Rally

Attending a rally is the perfect way to show that we are a united front that wont back down! Sign up to get notified when the next rally is/view our calendar to see when the next rally is.



Attend an Event

Attend a Town Hall and let your representatives know your thoughts! Look at our calendar to see when your next town hall is.
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