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While this year’s Democratic Convention may be different than previous years, we’re excited to bring the virtual Convention home - to Granite Staters’ living rooms - where more people can participate than ever before.

During the Democratic National Convention, New Hampshire Democrats will be bringing the convention home to New Hampshire - hosting more than 100 grassroots events that span every corner of the state! These events include Convention watch parties, phone banks, and roundtable discussions on policies that impact Granite Staters’ lives. There will also be opportunities for Granite Staters to join national constituency caucus events, and more!

To watch the convention each night, please visit All of the events below are open to the public, but space is limited and RSVP is required.


Stay tuned: in the coming days, additional events and special guests will be added once they are announced!

Paid for by the New Hampshire Democratic Party
Ray Buckley, Chair
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